Here at Ninkasi, we share the ancient Sumerian belief that beer is an important and valued part of civilization. We believe in forming strong relationships in the communities where we do business and enjoy promoting the social and cultural aspects that beer consumption has facilitated throughout human history. Our location grants us access to the best ingredients the Northwest has to offer. With the regional hop industry and the pristine water from the McKenzie River, we are dedicated to brewing only the highest quality craft beer.

  • Tasting Room Hours
  • Sun-Wed: Noon-9pm
  • Thurs-Sat: Noon-10pm
  • Dock Sales Hours
  • Mon-Fri: 9:30am-6pm
  • Saturday: Noon-4:30pm

Why Ninkasi? The ancient Sumerians worshipped the beer they made and praised the Goddess Ninkasi for the miracle of fermentation. Beer is a staple of civilization. Worship the Goddess.